Are You New to Instagram? Here’s What You Should Try First

These days, Instagram is not a joke for the users. It is surprisingly huge and active platform for photo sharing. It is the thriving community for photo-hungry people. Instagram is completely mobile and people and businesses are using it all the time.  Whether you want to attract more followers for your business to increase engagement or to make a huge name for your own happiness, you should try these things out on your own strategy.

Publish Photo Collages

About one of 5 active users post pictures as a collage. They incorporate several photos into one with third-party apps and condense them in one post. Photo collages are the ideal ways of storytelling with pictures. Instead of posting each picture individually, you can combine them to show various scenes of the same event.

Use Proper Hashtags in Captions

Hashtags are considered to be very useful on Instagram, especially because they are used by everyone to find out the well-themed content they love. Hashtags provide a best way to the users to filter down the results categorically according to phrases or keywords. People are looking for the hashtags all the time. If you have something attractive to share, use a few relevant hashtags to increase user engagement and following.

Time Lapse Videos

Hyperlapse is a standalone app officially launched by Instagram. You can create quality time-lapse videos and films. Time lapse videos are the videos which can be watched within shorter time period. The attention of people is actually short online these days and users can take around two seconds to watch video before moving on.

Edit Captions if You Make Mistakes

For the longest period of time, you cannot edit captions on Instagram. If you are serious on editing caption, you need to start over and repost it. But you can edit captions. If you provide enough information without committing mistakes on captions, it feels like you care about the posts. You can tag users or add hashtags later.

Track Your Statistics and Activity using Iconosquare

If you are receiving lots of engagement and have lots of followers, you cannot easily track it all with Instagram alone. This way, Iconosquare is the free and powerful tool to keep track on your account and get the look at the stats. With the help of Iconosquare, you can see trends in user engagement and you can find out what kind of content loved by the followers. You can respond to the comments effortlessly and see who has just unfollowed you.

Timing is Everything

In order to ensure that your followers are seeing all of your posts, you need to post at right time. Even though people check out the photos all the time, you still need to consider the better performing days and peak times to post something important. To get the most of engagement, consider when to post. According to a survey, usually midday, mornings and evenings are peak times on Instagram. Saturdays and Friday nights are not so active. Sundays and Thursdays are ideal.