How to Get Significant Instagram Shout-out in Your First Attempt?

Usually, two users will agree to give a Shoutout to each other by posting photo to build followers. It is one of the most effective and fastest ways to increase following. Sadly, a significant Instagram shoutout is not as simple as it feels. It needs networking with others and a willingness to add the content of other users on your official account as per the s4s agreement. Here are the tips to get best Instagram shoutout in first quest.

Find Out the Users Having Content Matching Your Posts

If you post a lot about technology on Instagram as it is related to your business, there are chances that you will not get significant shoutout if you connect with a user who usually posts healthy recipes and food. Even though he would agree for a shoutout, you may not get enough followers as his followers are looking for food and recipes, not technology. So, it is ideal to look for the users sharing same interests.

Find Users with Similar Followers Count

Some users mention in their bios that they are ready to do shoutouts. If they have over 100k followers and you have just 50, don’t contact them. Users agree to the shoutout only if both of you have same number of followers. You can far more easily do shoutouts with those who love to grow followers.

Comment, Like or Follow Users Before Doing Shoutouts

Etiquettes matter on Instagram. You need to be polite to enhance engagement with the users. You need to show that you like their content. Give a few likes and comments to their videos or photos and follow them. Social media is all about increasing engagement. A bit of interaction can really go a long way and you can easily network with others.

Don’t Spam Users with s4s Comments

Some of the users can get a bit too excited on finding out the people to ask for shoutout. They spam a lot of pictures with comments saying s4s without even checking out the full Instagram profiles and engaging with them. You have to find out the target users first with same number of followers and content.

Contact Users through Instagram Direct, Email or Kik

So you have done your research for Instagram users posting similar content to that of what you post and have same number of followers. You shouldn’t ask for s4s in random comments. Instead you have to take time to interact and engage with non-spammy, genuine comments. Now you have to contact the users to ask if they like to shoutout. You have to get email address or Kik contact name in bio. Reach them using Instagram Direct message if you get none them.

Make Real Connections with Users

Users’ base is really very important. There are lots of accounts with thousands of followers promoting one another using Shoutouts several times in a week, on regular basis. Keep in mind that real engagement really matters from active users, even though large followers count looks nice.